laboratuvar ve kalite testleri

Laboratory and Quality Tests

Quality Lab Quality testing along the entire value creation chain

Since 2002, AlQuds has been certified and authorized to operate according to International Standard ISO-9001/2015


Digital Micrometer:

A precise gauging method. The digital micrometer is used to measure the average thickness of the film and the thickness deviations (maximum, minimum and STD). The measurements are carried each 5-7 cm widthwise the film. At the end of the measurements, the data is printed


Elongation and Strength:

 The Extensometer is used to measure the maximum load need to film break and the film strain at break. The specimens dimensions, test conditions and test procedure are according the international standards


Dart Falling Impact:

 This method is used to determine the energy that cause film fail under specified conditions. This energy is expressed in term of weight of the missile falling from specified high. The test is carried according to ASTM D1709-85.



 The QUV device is used to test the films durability. It includes lamps that emit an aggressive radiation in the ultra violet range (UV range), to simulating sun exposure in a short time.


The Haze

The Haze device is used to test optical properties for film (transmission-diffusion)