The Flower growers in Kenya

The flower growers move and travel for thousands of kilometers away from their families and their homes, searching for the highest places, to produce flowers with high quality and export the beautiful flowers all over the world for making all people enjoy that beauty.

From the beautiful destiny of Allah that our products are linked with this great industry which full of beauty. When you see a great investor coming from India to create a flower farm in Kenya’s highlands away from the Kenyan capital for more than three hours, we have to be sure that there is no place for the lazy people at this world.

By hard work, great effort and deep faith to raise high the name of Egypt and its products in the field of plastic films industry at all world countries. Eng. Mohamed Shaban the Chairman of Al Quds for plastic company and Mr. Ibrahim Shaban the Executive Manager for Al Quds for plastic make a visit to Kenya. Al Quds for plastic always the closest to its customers according to our vision to enable every farmer in the world to maximize their utilization from farm his farm.

Because of the difference between each flower from bedding plants from the other it’s so important to choose the appropriate cover for your crop, which ensures to you the highest quality of flowers. We use our unique experience and models, developed with our scientists and grower partners, to determine exactly what is your crop needs from its tight environment and we’ll till you what benefits you should expect from your new cover, we then look at the exact requirements you have for crops and engineer the properties of your cover in just the right way to deliver everything you need.

The results are quite simply stunning:
1- Control flowering times.
2- Manage crop height.
3- Visually Stunning.
4- Hardier plants.
5- Optimum root development.
6- A truly uniform crop.
7- Reduce crop stress and Heating costs.

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