Mulch Film

Mulch Film

In general, the use of Mulch in agriculture is a key factor in promoting plant growth and increasing the quantity of crop. Mulch plastic is one type of plastic used in agriculture where the film is placed on the ground so that the plant can be applied through it.

If you need to produce a healthy and high-quality crop in large quantities, then you need plastic mulch because it has the following advantages:

1 – Improving the water supply of the plant, which reduces evaporation.

2 – Protect the roots of the plant from harmful climate, whether it is hot or cold.

3 – Reduce the random growth of plants (weeds).

4 – Cover the soil surface.

  1. Sterilize soil down plastic.
  2. Preserving soil moisture.

7 – keep the fruit clean such as strawberries.

Al-Quds Mulch is available in different colors for different purposes such as black, transparent, yellow, and double-face, which comes in two colors such as silver / black, white / black, brown / black. Also available in different sizes ranging from 70 cm to 180 cm wide and 25 m to 50 m thickness.