Low Tunnel Film

Low Tunnel Film

Tunnels film are characterized by perfect mechanical properties to resist winds and storms, as well as its ability to retain carbon dioxide, which helps to improve the process of photosynthesis of the plant, the outer shape is in the shape of a semicircular curved structure so that it is more suitable for receiving sunlight. Tunnels covers have many benefits as the following:

1- keep the plant away from damage caused by the sand in desert climates.

  1. Plant protection against weather fluctuations during the germination period (wind, rain, cold wave, etc.)

3 – early harvest and increase the quality of the crop and thus increase its commercial value.

  1. Decrease agricultural pesticides usage.

5 – Reduce water loss compared to open farming techniques.

6-Increasing irrigation efficiency by reducing the evaporation process and maintaining an appropriate level of moisture surrounding the plant.

7 – Improve the process of photosynthesis.

One of the most important features of Al-Quds tunnels is the high transparency and thus easy access to light to the plant, leading to the production of high quality crop. Al-Quds tunnels also is available in a width of 220 cm and a thickness of 40 to 80 microns. The film can also be made in any width or thickness according to the customer’s request.