Non-food packaging


Flower Sleeve Film. QCPF/2HS

Flower bouquet sleeves is also called polypropylene flower sleeves, CPP flower bags, plant flower sleeves, plant sleeves, cut flower wrapping, herb sleeves. Flower sleeves are made of top quality crystal clear Cast Polypropylene which compliments your flowers with a clear and shiny looks and a smooth touch. Our flower sleeves are either smooth or micro perforated to improve air circulation surrounding the flower and are offered plain or printed. Our flower sleeves are designed to suit a range of cut flower sizes from a single rose to a large bouquet. Our flower sleeves have a good Features and Benefits such as Optical Clarity, Optimized static properties, Excellent mechanical properties and Printability


CPP Film for Tissue Packaging. QCPTHS

AlQuds Cast Polypropylene film offers extreme transparency and external glossy qualities. It is extraordinary for packaging applications as well as being used as a sealant film for lidding and retorting purpose due to its excellent heat sealing characteristic and stabilizing dimensions of packaged contents. Films produced using a chill-roll process, have a much more uniform thickness than other conventional film lines, better process ability extreme mechanical properties and puncture resistance. CPP Film for Tissue Packaging, Suit for high speed wet tissue packing lines. This film will make your tissue pack looks clean and low the cost .


CPP Film for Stationary Products . QCPSHS.

This film is especially designed for stationery products, featuring excellent optics – clarity and gloss, very high gauge uniformity, exceptional sealing properties, optimal surface smoothness and low static charge. This film is used for the production of stationery film requiring high clarity, such as office supplies (e. g. , L & U files) and some clothes protection bags