Luxor Plastic Film

We helped pioneer the science of how Luxor Film can be used to produce some truly amazing crop benefits which is why we created Luxor Film. This product can be manufactured as a clear or diffused cover for both greenhouse and tunnel production.

Luxor Film is a truly amazing crop cover, the result of over a decades worth of global research and development with a very wide range of edible and non-edible crops. This cover allows just the right amount of the specific sun light to enter the growing environment and in doing so produces some remarkable results for our customers. That’s because this type of light can force improvements in crop hardiness and strength, optimized root development as well as incredible crop uniformity and yields.

In edible crops we developed Luxor Film to deliver earlier harvesting and higher yields, deliciously tasting produce with more vibrant colors and optimum shelf-life. In non-edible crops Luxor Film can produce much hardier and uniform crops which are quite simply visually stunning.

Luxor Film is built on the very latest formulations and to the highest possible specifications but that’s not the whole story. For decades standard cover products intentionally shaded specific crops from all wave length of light because it was thought to be damaging. However, alongside our partners in R&D in Lancaster University (UK) and with growers around the world growing amazing crops in both low and high light, the films have begun overturning that thinking in global horticulture and so there is no one better to help you understand how to get the very best out of this type of cover.

Once you’ve settled on Luxor Film, we set about designing all the other features that make the cover your own based on your location and unique growing system. We’ll help you decide whether you need a clear or diffusing cover. If you chose the latter then we’ll manufacture it with just the right level of diffusion for the exact location you’re growing your crop. Then we’ll work with you to understand just exactly how thermic your cover needs to be able to help smooth out differences in day and night time temperatures to reduce crop stress. So, you see there really is no one better placed to help you make the decision that’s right for your crop.