Hurghada Plastic Film

For both greenhouse and tunnel Production. We can also design in a wide variety of additional properties to suit your exact needs. So, you see there’s absolutely nothing standard about that film. With many years of experience in agricultural plastic film production and investments in latest technology

5 layered co-extrusion machinery enable us to manufacture high quality greenhouse films wide up to 16 meters.


Hurghada Film is built on a formulation that we have spent several years developing with researchers, developers (R&D) and grower partners around the world. It was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate generalist, ensuring enviable yields and quality across the vast range of global protected crops.

So, once you’ve decided that Hurghada Film is the right cover for you we set about designing all the other features that make the cover your own based on your location and unique growing system.

We’ll help you decide whether you need a clear or diffusing cover. If you chose the latter then we’ll manufacture it with just the right level of diffusion for the exact location you’re growing your crop.

We can also engineer Hurghada Film to be super thermic which means there’s no better cover to protect your crop from early season frost and smooth out differences in day and night time temperatures to reduce crop stress.

We at Al-Quds For Plastic working with our Partners Lancaster University in UK light is our specialty.                 We remain at the forefront of research in understanding how manipulating light in the growing environment can be commercially exploited in global horticulture and we continue to build that knowledge through some amazing projects in Europe, the U.S., N Africa and Australia. Couple this knowledge with previously unheard-of flexibility in manufacturing and you see there’s no one better placed to help make the decision that’s right for your crop.