Alexandria Plastic Film

 is our industry leading product that can be manufactured as a clear or diffused cover for both greenhouse and tunnel production We can also design in a wide variety of additional properties to suit your exact needs…!

Alexandria Film is built on a formulation that we have spent several years with developing with researchers and grower partners, from Lancaster University and around the world.

Once you’ve settled, we set about designing all the other features that make the cover your own based on your location and unique growing system. We’ll help you decide whether you need a clear or diffusing cover. If you chose the latter then we will manufacture it with just the right level of diffusion for the exact location you’re growing your crop. Then we’ll work with you to understand just exactly how thermic your cover needs to help smooth out differences in day and night time temperatures to reduce crop stress.

Alexandria Film can be used to produce truly stunning results across a wide range of crops and it’s also highly effective in controlling economically important pests and diseases without the need for traditional chemical pesticides. Alexandria Film achieves this by blocking the type pests require seeing (in the case of insect pests and in the case of disease pathogens) from entering the growing environment.

Here at Al Quds for Plastic Light is our specialty, with cooperation with our partner in Lancaster, we remain at the forefront of scientific research in understanding how manipulating light in the growing environment can be commercially exploited in global horticulture and we continue to build that knowledge through some amazing projects around the world.