Chairman Word

It is a great pleasure to have you here on the website of Al-Quds for Plastic, now you can know about our business true history, read all about our success story and find out our latest products.

It is all because of the great grace of Allah The Almighty and the dedicated work and strong belief in our industry, we are representing the Egyptian industry in the field of Plastic Film with a brilliant history to help maintain a sustainable development in agriculture, packaging and wrapping, as we are proud of the reputation we gained all over the world since 2002, Al-Quds for Plastic is the closest to its customers , who are our success partners towards leadership and universality.

The Secret behind our leadership and reputation in every market we exist is because of our non-stopping innovation, research and development to keep abreast of the latest manufacturing technologies in the agricultural plastic covers.

To help our end-users and customers having very special and exceptional products, we provide innovative and unique solutions in cooperation with the world’s finest research in the development of smart cover technology, Lancaster University, UK under the supervision of international agricultural elite of scientists.

Our goal is to help agricultural crop-based businesses make the best choices with innovative and unique technologies and the highest international quality standards. As quality is always a top priority for us, so we are always confirming the quality of all our products before they leave our stores by a well-trained team of customized experts using the latest scientific knowledge in the field of quality.

One of the most important keys to our success and expansion in the local, Arab, Asian, African and European markets is our constant and continuous keenness to provide high quality products based on science, research and development and at reasonable competitive prices, which made us at the first place always for many years.

Customers’ satisfaction is our main concern and priority, and to get this truly done, a direct follow up to our customers is given from second one and we care for all their feedback before and after using the product. This is done through regular field visits to determine the quality and efficiency of our products.

A real partnership is to start once you contact us to achieve your return of investment as you will find our team of professional consulting and supporting you in all what you really looking for.

Warm regards,


Engineer/ Mohamed Shaban