Al Quds for plastic is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing of agricultural plastic film and packaging Plastic film; our factory is based in Egypt – Sadat City – 6th Industrial zone.

Al Quds for Plastics aims at manufacturing the best ever agricultural plastic products and packaging requirements, as to be always one of the forefronts manufactures of plastic industry both in Egypt and worldwide through exporting our exceptional high-quality products.

We are always keen to meet the needs of the end users and getting their satisfaction by being in direct contact with them through our R&D professional team, using our highest and continuous up to date technologies and latest machineries.

We believe that combining commercial experiences with cutting edge knowledge developed in Partnership with some of the world’s foremost crop and horticultural scientists we can make it possible. Therefore, at Al Quds for Plastic we don’t believe that your crop cover should be just like everyone else but it should be designed as the right cover for you and set about designing all the features / properties of the film that make the cover your own based on your location and unique growing system for your crop.

And during our long technical and Commercial experience, we work hardly on the sustainability of the development of our technical crew and all staff of Al Quds, in order to keep our products strongly competitive in local, Arabic, African, and European markets. ​

Collaboration with Lancaster University


To be one of the globally leading and preferred companies  in the  agricultural plastic supplies world.


To be placed amongst the world’s most competitive companies in the field of plastic and to contribute to the development of our country’s economy.

Collaboration with Lancaster University

Finding the latest technology in plastic film industry is always our concern to meet our customers special requirements. To that end, we recently approved collaboration between Al-Quds for plastic and Lancaster University UK in R&D application through the integration of our equipment technology and applied scientific research technology as pathways for resources use efficiency.

The agreement aims to boost joint cooperation between Lancaster University and our company. Under this collaboration all our clients will benefit from our company expertise in the fields of film technology to see there is no one better placed to help you to make decision that is right for your needs.

Alquds for plastic has an important role to play in the efforts to achieve sustainable development in agriculture and this collaboration is part of these efforts and a step towards the best plastic film industry as we always promised.

Our Clients