Chairman Word

In 2002, Al Quds for Plastic Company began its activities manufacturing plastic products, particularly agricultural plastic covers.

Since then, the company has been developing and now it is one of the three greatest agricultural plastic companies in Egypt, thanks to Allah.


In Al Quds for Plastic Company, we keep up with the latest technologies in agricultural plastic covers and seek to be the first company in Egypt in this field by 2020.


The quality of our products is our utmost priority and we are keen to assure the quality of all our products before they are released from our warehouses with the help of specialists in monitoring and internal control and efficient quality controllers to provide  products with the highest quality levels.


One of the most important causes of our success and extension locally and originally is our continuous interest to provide a high-quality product with well- considered competitive prices; the matter which enabled us to be at the fore of the companies for several years.


To enhance our competitive capacity and as a proactive step for the requirements of the Egyptian and the original markets, we are intending to introduce a new production line which is considered a new surge in the field of the agricultural plastic covers which will have the capacity to produce five- layers plastic covers. This reflects our continuous study of the requirement and needs of the market and enhances the efficacy and endurance of the plastic material and constitutes a precedent in Egypt and in the region.



Our customers’ satisfaction is our most important with the best services part and the perils of all the fire are the priority and is the hub of our work. To achieve this, we follow-up with our customers continuously asking for feedback and give heed to all their notes before and after receipt and use of the product by field visits to determine the extent of the quality and efficiency of the products; whether they have any observations to make about them into consideration and to deal with them seriously since our relationship with our customers is a real partnership.



We will be always keen to develop the agricultural sector in Egypt by working permanently upon provision of the best products with the highest quality and with the best prices.



Engineer/Muhammad Shabaan

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Al Quds for Plastic Company